libravatar.cgi - Libravatar for BCHS

Version: 1.0 SourceHut

libravatar.cgi is an open source implementation of the Libravatar protocole. Its goal is to be minimal, secure and simple. This is the reason there is no user account management and no file upload.


The dependencies are BSD make (available as bmake under Linux), kcgi and libpng. To run the tests sharness is further needed. Download the code archive and extract the content. Then configure with ./configure, compile with make and finally install using make install. You can override the default paths with a file named configure.local.


A suite of regression tests is provided in the regress folder. They can be used with any other implementations and are used to test ivatar from Oliver Falk.


There is no man page yet.

While the goal is to display avatars of real users it can happen that an image is missing. In this case it is possible to ask this implementation to react in different ways:

  • return an HTTP error code 404
  • return a blank image
  • return the grey silhouette (aka: mystery person)
  • return an image located elsewhere
  • return a default picture

The blank and mystery person images are generated on the fly.